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Heat Wave; Dangerous High Temperatures Stretch Across the South

A dome of high pressure that has trapped hot air is forecast to drive the heat index as high as 120 degrees from Missouri to Florida. At least 15 had died of heat-related causes in the United States as of Thursday.

Early on a Texas roadside, outdoor workers grabbed lunch and braced for a scorcher.

Working under a blue canopy on the shoulder of busy Route 360 in northwest Austin on Thursday, Nancy Alvarado, 26, and her mother, Maria Sanchez, 45, were the first stop of choice for scores of workers headed to job sites amid the state’s relentless heat wave.

If anything, Ms. Alvarado said, the heat has improved business, as customers make a hurried stop at the roadside food stand to grab a quick taco or tamale and perhaps sample a homemade beverage of squeezed watermelon or cantaloupe.


The Best Contruction in The Asean

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world and is crucial for the growth and development of any nation. With the ever-increasing demand for construction services, it is essential to have reliable and efficient consultants who can provide expert advice...

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